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Welcome to our website! Wish you were “Craftier”? Need a great service project for school or church? Wish you could crochet or knit straight and have a cool, perfect project every time?

A KNITTING LOOM by CinDWood Crafts is just the thing! Our looms are made of strong MDF board for strength and smoothness (no slivers), and Nylon pegs so no snags on your yarn. Make hats, scarves, slippers, mittens and so much more. Look inside our page and see some of our creations. It’s as simple as WRAP yarn, KNIT with a pick, Take off loom, and CINCH it closed. Anyone from 5-95 can do this. CinDWood Crafts offers one of the largest assortments of sizes and offers discounts for groups who purchase for making projects for humanitarian donation. Browse around and enjoy your visit here.

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Picks Update


As of September 1, 2015 we will be shipping picks per order not per loom as follows:

Orders with 1-3 looms = 1 pick

Orders with 4-7 looms = 2 picks

Orders with 8+ looms = 3 picks.

As some of you have noticed our picks have varied quite a bit this year. Our custom order came in and it was not at all like the approved sample they had sent us. These were the blunted end picks that were difficult for people to use.  During the last month we have been using super sharp picks from a few years ago, but they are not uniform and we can not still get them from that company.  So  we have been trying to fix the blunted picks, but the time and tools it takes to do so is quite cumbersome.  So we have found a way to make the blunted ones more tapered and sharp but because of the extra time it takes to fix them we are not able to keep up with sending one per loom.

It will take at least 6 months for us to go through this shipment and to try and work on getting a new one (hopefully better quality and as we have requested)

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Cindy Clyde

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USPS Shipping Changes

It appears that USPS has closed some of their sorting stations, and some of our orders are arriving slower than usual.  When you receive the email from us that they have shipped. They have gone out that day.  We can not guarantee when USPS will deliver them from that point, but we will continue to try and ship them within 2 business days of when they are ordered. (Custom Order or colored peg items may have an extra day delay)

Thank you,

Cindy Clyde

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July Shipping Delays

Dear customers,
Due to our Family Reunion (July 3-6)
Cindy being out of town in Nauvoo, Illinois (July 13- July 25)
Kristy’s son playing in the State Baseball Tournament (July 13-15)
Pioneer Day (July 24 – Utah State Holiday)
Orders will be shipping out only once or twice a week instead of our usual 3 times a week this month.
We will ship orders on:
July 1, July 8, July 10, July 17, July 20, July 22, July 27,  and July 31st.
Thank you for your understanding!!